"Primus" is Chainverge's flagship entry into the Play2Earn gaming sphere. This multiplayer survival game, set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, offers players an intricate blend of strategy, collaboration, and sheer survival prowess, all while earning tangible rewards.


A sprawling open-world environment covering 64km x 64km, rendered in breathtaking 4K resolution, offering both destructible and constructible terrains.

Multiplayer Survival Game

Core Gameplay Elements

Zombie Onslaught

The world of Primus is under siege by ever-growing hordes of zombies.

As the game advances, these undead adversaries become more numerous and formidable, pushing players to evolve their strategies.

Resource Management

Hunting, Diverse wildlife populates the game, requiring players to hunt for sustenance.

Looting, Exploration is key. The vast world hides essential resources and items crucial for survival.

Weapon and Tool Smithing, Players can craft weapons and tools to enhance their combat and survival capabilities.

Player vs Player (PVP)

Trust is a rare commodity in Primus. Players might face threats not just from zombies, but also from other players aiming to pilfer resources.

Defense and strategic alliances become essential.

Earning Potential in Primus

NFT Rewards

As players navigate challenges and achieve milestones, they can win unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which can be traded, sold, or used within the game.

Token Earnings

Players have the opportunity to earn Chainverge tokens in various ways like Tournaments & Casual Gameplay, ensuring every player, competitive or casual, has earning potential.

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